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Pet Products
All the reasons to switch from commercial to all natural insect repellent. Live stock, horses and poultry use Healthy Leaves ® too.

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Tiedown: The most versatile product for securing loads on the trailer and in the pickup. Excellent choice in the garden or in the shop.

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Bed Bugs

Does the thought make you squirm? Not if you use Healthy Leaves

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Understanding Healthy Leaves® Continued!

Think Healthy Leaves!

titleHealthy Leaves® as a natural herbal remedy.


Since the early discovery of the leaf, the leaf has been used for many aliments. Claims of course have varied wildly. From our experience many are true.

Once processed, the aroma is herbal and can be used for a variety of aliments. The leaf has been used as a cure by Asian and Native American's for head, tooth, and earache. Poultices of Healthy Leaves leaves were used to treat rheumatism and neuralgias. Leaf tea was made to treat stomach aches, colds, sore throats, and to clear up mucus in the lungs Healthy Leaves was used to make an infusion to wash sores.

Relieves Congestion

Its advanced aroma therapy application capitalizes on its germicidal, antimicrobial, expectorator, mucolytic, bactericide and anti-infectious attributes. It relieves congestion in a nut shell. Opens clogged nasal passages and clears the lungs. Healthy Leaves can be used in a vapaorizor.

Relieves aches

Healthy Leaves can heal body aches. umbell-smallAdd this decoction in your bath water. Bathing in this water can soothe aching muscles and rejuvenate your body. Healthy Leaves can relieve arthritis pain by applying Healthy Leaves on the inflamed joints directly. Healthy Leaves can reduce a headache, muscular hurts and improves inadequate circulation.

Prevents infection

Healthy Leaves leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Applying directly on your skin to alleviate skin infections or for healing insect bites, cuts and bruises.

Helps alleviate cold symptoms.

Drinking warm Healthy Leaves tea will provide relief from a cough and cold. From our experience we've found the aroma therapy works much better. Nothing though takes the place of common sense.

Improves Hair.

The Healthy Leaves Leaf essential oil, is used to keep dandruff in check and improve hair follicle development.